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Innovative is an equipment solutions provider for plastics recycling. We offer solutions for both post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste streams. We are partners with Gamma Meccanica for providing flexible and innovative extrusion solutions. We provide solutions for pre-sizing, washing systems and drying solutions for plastics from other manufacturers.

Our consultancy services are customized. We will develop a plan and cost structure specifically designed for your overall needs. Start turning your waste into profit.

Plastics RecyclingOur sales process is a holistic one whereby we view all aspects of the customer’s materials stream, production, waste initiatives and end product. In an effort to partner with our clients when offering equipment solutions we often find that the client does not need to purchase a completely new solution or that existing equipment can be upgraded, retrofitted or utilized in a different way. We also find it may be a matter of telling the client how to use what they have internally and creating a different attitude about reclamation within their personnel and management.

In 2011, Gamma Meccanica SpA (Bibbiano, RE Italy) created a GM65 Compac new laboratory “pilot” line and facility for material testing and analysis to give accurate and comprehensive information to customers at the test phase. In advance before processing, Gamma can now advise the client on what to add or do to improve the quality of the product before and during recycling. Currently tests are performed and data has been obtained on families of polymers such as PE, PP, PS, PC, ABS, PET, PA, biopolymers (for example PLA), and TPU. In the coming months Gamma Meccanica will be demonstrating new tables with revised values ​​indicated for production and power consumption of Gamma Meccanica systems.

For these reasons, we are now acting more and more as consultants in the field for clients. This part of our business model is rapidly evolving. If there is something we can offer the client, assist by bringing in other engineering firms, machinery solutions providers as well as experts in their field, we will do so.

Today, we offer you the opportunity to test your materials in our new advanced lab system and setting. Fill out the Plastics Questionnaire and fax or email a copy of the completed form to us to find out more and determine how our unique sales approach and consultancy can benefit you.

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