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Innovative is an equipment solutions provider for plastics recycling. We offer solutions for both post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste streams. We are partners with Gamma Meccanica for providing flexible and innovative extrusion solutions. We provide solutions for pre-sizing, washing systems and drying solutions for plastics from other manufacturers.

Gamma Meccanica North America


Recycling lines for PET and PA film, fibers and sheet now have a system solution that yields better results than that of our competitors with our ECOTRONICĀ® control solution. The PET/PA line consists of: dehumidifier, extruder, filter, pelletizer.

Recycling lines for materials with high fluidity such as PET and PA usually consist of a conveying belt, a silo with shredder and pre-densifier, an extruder, a screen changer and an underwater die face cutter.

GM125 PET line with ECOTRONIC® control

The most important issue when you regenerate these materials is the need to limit the loss in value of intrinsic viscosity. This value determines the mechanical performance given by the material. The lines proposed by Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. allow you to easily handle these materials and minimize or eliminate the IV loss.

Gamma Advantages:
  • Materials with very high % moisture yield no IV loss or minimal IV loss.
  • A simpler designed system/less maintenance.
  • Better granules.
  • Also used to reprocess various hygroscopic bio-materials such as PLA.
  • Lines modified and equipped with devices designed according to the specific types of material to be recycled.
  • Read a case history: more>>
A system is available in South Carolina for viewing. Contact us to schedule a site visit!

Heat sensitive, low bulk density and hygroscopic materials are our specialty now and what drives our innovations.

GM125 PET line with ECOTRONIC®

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