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Gamma Meccanica North America

Retrofit Solution

The capacity can vary according to the type and the characteristics of the material which is to be processed: percentage of contamination, bulk density, moisture, viscosity, etc.

Gamma Advantage
  • Designed for an existing extruder.
  • Depending on the height axis and feed throat design we can retrofit to add the benefits of our COMPAC and Force Feed technology.
  • Increases throughput on standard ram stuffer feed, gravity and conical crammers.
  • Accepts up to 10% residual moisture in the case of the Compac technology.
  • Gives added benefits of dosing the material essentially compounding on a single screw line.
  • Can feed roll stock without pre-sizing.

GM90 with Force Feeder

  • AFT Cutter Compacter

  • GM180 Force Feeder

  • GM125 for PET line with Ecotronic® control
    & AFT Cutter Compactor
Force Feeders

Not only is our feeding technology available to retrofit existing extruders and systems, but we can proffer the TANDEM solutions as well with either the primary or secondary extruder to couple with an existing line. more>>

Tandem Solution

Tandem is another technology that we are developing to work in congress with either one of the our superior feeding technologies, i.e. FORCE FEED and COMPAC®. This technology works with two extruders in "tandem" to one another. Our system is used for materials with over 100% print coverage, solvent based inks and other volatiles. GM125 Tandem

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Innovative is an equipment solutions provider for plastics recycling. We offer solutions for both post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste streams. We are partners with Gamma Meccanica for providing flexible and innovative extrusion solutions. We provide solutions for pre-sizing, washing systems and drying solutions for plastics from other manufacturers.

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