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Gamma Meccanica North America


The Trim-Co is the smallest line made by Gamma Meccanica. As all the lines belonging to the COMPAC range, Trim-Co consists of a cutter-compactor, extruder and a pelletizer.

The Trim-Co is designed to regenerate materials such as film, fibers, fabrics and yarns. The line is particularly suitable for regenerating HDPE, LDPE, PE and PP in the shape of film, shopping bags, small cut reels and production waste.

Gamma Advantages:

  • Works in line with the production equipment and off line as well.
  • Feeds aspirated trim material to the top.
  • Has an optional nip roll feed for roll stock and can be fed via a small conveyor for off-line applications.
  • Works with a 50 mm extruder that can quench pellets with air or use a small water ring unit.
  • Extrudes a uniform pellet not agglomerate.

Trim Unit - TDA 2.0 Centrifuge

Trim-Co Line

  • Trim Unit TDA 2.0

TDA pelletizer is available in sizes 1.0 and 2.0 for small production capacities, especially for masterbatch, compounding or workshop productions.

At the end of the line a TDA 2.0 die face cutter has been installed, refined and interpreted to suit specific needs. Thanks to a new design of the centrifuge connected to the die face cutter to dry the granules, the system is very suitable for the production of masterbatch.

Three-stage cleaning operations for centrifuge, tank and rotor necessary after each color change can be done thoroughly in about 15 minutes. more>>

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